Updating puppy linux

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Updating puppy linux

Puppy Linux now has fully-automated scripts for patching and compiling the kernel and 3rd-party modules, plus automatic creation of kernel source SFS file and kernel binary PET package.

At the time of writing, the latest is here: Us#er#na#me#: pu#pp#y Pa#ss#wo#rd#: li#nu#x ..site has a readme file with usage details.

This page explains how to compile the Linux kernel and modules for Puppy.

Tahrpup is an official distribution of Puppy Linux and in this tutorial, I will show you how to install latest Firefox browser on Tahrpup. This file does not contain sources, but pre-compiled binary package.Note: In the future I plan to use the T2 build system to compile the kernel and modules for Puppy. Puppy has a very simple way to turn into a complete C/C compile environment: by addition of a single file named "devx_xxx.sfs", where "xxx" is the version number.T2 is currently setup to compile a kernel and lots of extra modules, but it is not the version used in Puppy -- I am expecting to synchronise in a future version of Puppy, so the kernel compiled in T2 will be used in Puppy. For example, Puppy 2.12 would have a matching development file named "devx_212.sfs".I also have it on a CD -- details on the Download page.Note, Puppy 2.02 and 2.10 use the same kernel, version

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