Updating bios dell laptop Yuvu live cams

Posted by / 03-Dec-2017 11:36

Also know as "System Setup", the BIOS is software that is contained on a small memory chip on the PC's Motherboard, typically referred to as the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor).

It acts as an interface between the computer's hardware and its operating system, e.g.

Do not gorilla pry or you will bend it up and break the plastic retainers. As crazy as it sounds (after plugging in an external keyboard and having the *same* key problem, which you should not have), try updating the bios and see if it throws any errors.

I had a dell 1501 laptop that was running super slow and had choppy audio.

But whatever the cause was....issue got resolved on it own.....

I have seem similar funny things happening on my dell laptop...!!

It can be the printed circuit cable between the keyboard and motherboard.

It was painful to use the online keys for 1 week without few of my alphabets in my keyboard not working.

Well since 6 or 7 keys stopped working at the same time ; so it was little fishy to me.

After trying to remove viruses on it for 8 hours (the HD tested good), a row of keys on the numlock keypad area stopped working.

I plugged in an external keyboard and the same problem was there.

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Windows, allowing the software to control the PC's hardware.