The truth behind teen dating

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That scene of those seven men captured by a decorated war photographer, John Warwick Brooke, on August 1, 1917, near the ruined village of Boesinghe, north of Ypres, might look like midwinter, yet it was actually the height of summer.

Yet this was not how most men died on the Western Front.

They are weary, frightened, bogged down to their knees and in the middle of the worst place on earth — seven men trying to drag a wounded comrade to safety.

This historic photograph has come to epitomise the ghastliness of World War I.

This was a quagmire in which one wrong step could prove as fatal as a bullet.

Many died falling into stinking, bottomless craters filled with mud and slime from which it was impossible to escape.

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There is not so much as a tree stump, let alone a sign post, to guide these men through the mud.

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