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Night sex chat on mobile

I walk to the bar and order a double vodka and Red bull and as I look at the back of the bar into the long mirror I see that I'm not alone.

I turn in my seat with my drink and see the Rob, the groom, sitting in the corner.

I walk over and sitting down next to him I can see that he looks sad and exhausted.

"Are you okay Rob, shouldn't you be getting lucky with the new wife? " He nods and asks for a beer which I order for him.

As Rob gets the hint and moves next to me I pour us two shots. "To not having sex for six months and being so fucking horny!

"A toast to other halves who can't handle their drink! " So now I'm drunk, but I still know what I'm doing.

Moving back slightly as we face each other, I bite my bottom lip and then he dives in to kiss me. Our tongues play as our hands move sensually over each other’s bodies.

I feel him moving us carefully backwards but doesn't break our kiss.

I jump up and offering my hand to Rob for a dance he doesn't hesitate and just pulls me close to him.

I'm suddenly wide awake, aroused by all his touches.

His starts to nibble my neck as my breathing increases and I rub my boobs into his chest in response.

He unzips my long pink dress and it falls to the floor, soon followed by my lacy underwear.

I slip off my black heels and leave it all in an untidy pile.

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His hands move up and because there is no bra to feel, I sense his hardness grow even more.