Intimidating baby boy names

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Dylan is the kind of boy that makes you wonder if you need to get your eyes checked.

Because while you've been laughing at his jokes for as long as you've known him, Dylan's been changing.

not cool), but he's got the kind of ~look in his eye~ that almost makes you want to find out for yourself.

You just Literal Meaning: "Son of the sea" What It REALLY Means: Undercover hottie.

But you must've forgotten how metamorphosis works, because Nick is basically the same kid you've known all these years. Perfect Examples: Nick Jonas, Nicholas Hoult , everyone falls for a Jason at one point or another.

Perfect Example: Drake Literal Meaning: "God is gracious" What It REALLY Means: Ridiculously hot guy with eyes that hypnotize. Or maybe it's because he has that smoldering thing going on at all times. That, and the fact that any Ian you've ever met is unfairly attractive. Perfect Examples: Ian Harding, Ian Somerhalder Literal Meaning: "Just, fair" What It REALLY Means: Bad boy with abs for days.

You think he's just ~a friend~ until one day you turn around and BOOM, he's a total regulation hottie.

Don't worry, he's still D-for-a Dorkable — but also D-for-good listener.

Cameron has a bit of a dangerous side, but that's what makes being around him so exciting.

And with a name that's as cool as Cameron, he's not afraid of having a little bit of fun and taking you along for the ride.

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If you think your baby is just “the greatest,” then Max is the name for him.