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The different betweeen the more prosperous households and more modest ones might be in the quality and quantity of the meat served...

Supper was a smaller meal, often similar to breakfast: bread, cheese, mush or hasty pudding, or warmed-over meat from the noon meal.

Settlers brought their recipes, cooking methods and some supplies with them.

They also used local foods introduced by the Native Americans.

The earliest trenchers in America, as in the Middle Ages, were probably made from slabs of stale bread which were either eaten with the meal or thrown after use to the domestic animals.

Colonial meal structures/times were also different from what we know today. For most people in the 18th century it was considered the main (biggest) meal of the day. What did "average" New England colonists eat during a typical day?Dinner, as elsewhere in the colonies, was a midday, through the wealthy were like to do as their peers in England did, and have it midafternoon..England's gentry had a great variety of food on te table...An everyday meal might feature only one or two meats with a pudding, tarts, and vegetables...It was among the Southern planters that breakfast became a leisurely and delightful meal, though it was not served until early chores were attended to and orders for the day given...Breads were eaten at all times of the day but particularly at breakfast." ---A Cooking Legacy, Virginia T.

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Soups seem to have been served before of in conjunction with the first course. An assortment of fresh, cooked, or dried fruits, custards, tarts and sweetmeats was usually available.