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Char c 2 pics

Attention: The display module I used had an operation range from 3.3V to 5V. You need to carefully check if your display also supports 5V otherwise use a regulated 3.3V power source !! You will be enlightened by the nice moving ball in a grid on the display. Now I'm trying to get it to work on the ATtiny84 as well. We then use our 5V/3.3V regulated power source and inject GND and VCC into the appropriate pins at the Brain Z module. Tnx Hi, I have had a lot of success with your library on ATtiny85.Jumper wires are on the way from ebay along with the ATTiny857. Hi b ASEL, Thank you for following the instructions. Actually, I'd like to use it as a Micro Weather Station, getting data from the DHT-11 and displaying it on the OLED.I've managed to do it with my Arduino UNO, using U8GLib, but not with the Attiny85..... I also see a good option to display the sensor data. The tricky part here is that "my" library does not use any frambuffer, because the ATiny has not sufficient RAM for that.I've tried both the methods listed here: , as well as a few online converters.

Here is what I have done in my troubleshooting: I was originally using Arduino IDE 1.6.6 on Windows 10. My goal is At Tiny85, some display, temp sensor and 3.7 battery. I still don't have the display, I wanted to know if it's possible first, before I order the display.3.

It is still possible to run the display -- you see.

We need to include the fonts in my tiny lib then it will be able to display the sensor data easily.

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious “all weather road” for Char Dham pilgrimage could prove meaningless as it was being planned on the ‘floodway’ of Ganga basin in Garhwal valley, said renowned geologist KS Valdia.

Valdia, a Padam Shree recipient who also headed a committee formed by the central government to study the eloped Saraswati River, said Uttarakhand was prone to seismic activities and landslides.

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