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Larry (Bill Sage) is a record company executive who is dating Mia (Maria Zyrianova), a beautiful model several years his junior, though he's also been sleeping with Emily (Holley Fain), his personal assistant.

On Emily's suggestion, Larry goes out to a trendy club to see a promising local band fronted by Angelina (Donnamarie Recco) and Leroy (Aaron Staton); the two are also a couple offstage, but their relationship is on its last legs.

But as we look ahead to cooler temperatures, there are some things we’ll miss about our Knoxville summers!When Arkane co-founder Raphael Colantonio recently announced his departure from the studio after 18 years, it sparked some speculation about the move.Many thought him stepping down had something to do with ‘s mixed reception, considering the timing of his resignation.An hour around the lake makes for a relaxing start to a Sunday morning. The “cool down.” Simply jump into the lake and work through any soreness with a light swim in one of the cleaner lakes around town. The “cliffs” at Tellico Lake are actually old silos that stick out from out of the lake.The jump itself is somewhere between 20 and 30 feet, but trust me – when you’re standing with your toes over the edge of the silo, it feels much higher than that.

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