Beautiful widgets google weather not updating

Posted by / 05-Sep-2017 11:26

Beautiful widgets google weather not updating

Those running a stock launcher are seeing widgets randomly disappearing, and it affects some top-tier handsets.The team at HD Widgets believes it’s an issue with Play Store updates, and affects paid widgets.Since 5.2.0 if you turn of the GPS and network location services BW will not update the weather.You must leave one or the other running in order to get weather updates.The widgets I am currently using are: Beautiful Widgets Weather & Clock Widget Which are my two favorite.

You willl have now the option to choose between Accu Weatherand Weather Underground.

After updating to Kit Kat 4.4.4 I have noticed that NONE of my weather widgets update my city/location without GPS turned on.

I have it and always had set to using my wifi or mobile data.

If google now requires me to have location services/GPS on to track my city it looks like it will take a toll on my battery. Otherwise there is no need for me to have GPS on or now with the new update ( location services ). It is just aggravating to have it on the whole time to have the location updating.

I don't want to turn it on and off each time I change my location.

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Have widgets been disappearing from your Kit Kat device?