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Banned dating site super bowl ads

On Sunday night, the Verizon Instagram account had an answer for all the other cell service companies' ads, slinging comebacks that erupted into an all-out social media war.And though not quite as many people saw the tweets as those who watched the big game — a whopping 111 million — the tweets were liked and retweeted thousands of times each.She moans as he 'punishes' her with taxes and fees.'Yes @Tmobile, we're into BDSM.Bigger coverage map, Devastating Speed, and Massive capacity,' clapped back Verizon.After another commercial, Sprint tweeted a gif from the TV spot of a car exploding with the message: 'Bye Verizon #Slayed You Again.'But Verizon had words for T-Mobile, too, after the brand called them out in a series of ads.

While T-Mobile and Sprint shelled out big bucks to have ads featured on TV during the Super Bowl, Verizon decided to save the cash and promote itself on social media — by bashing its competitors' commercials.

It all started after Sprint aired its Super Bowl commercial, throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Verizon over the airwaves.

In the ad, a man fakes his own death to get out of his Verizon contract, and spokesperson Paul — who used to represent Verizon before famously popping up years later in Sprint commercials — promotes the brand.'Don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much,' the message on the screen read.

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America has said its final goodbye to the Queen of the Skies.

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