Are we in a relationship or just dating

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Are we in a relationship or just dating

It's best not to skirt the question or say what you think the other person wants to hear, just to keep things going.Eventually, you're just going to end up in therapy/eating ice cream forever/blocking someone on all forms of social media anyways, so don't lie to yourself or your "SO."It was terribly awkward and we both left confused.A couple of weeks ago everything was great and building really nicely.I remember asking if she was ready for something serious and she said, 'I only do long-term relationships and they usually start the way you and I have been going.' It wasn't a yes or a no, but I felt pretty good about things.She expected me to change too much, but she is 10 years older than me and seeking a much different life.She's also a textbook narcissist but that's a whole other issue.

We had a conversation about the date itself and I was trying to get clarity on where we were and what the future looked like.

We had great sexual chemistry and I was single for a long time, but we were toxic, she asked and I panicked and said I guess we're a couple.

the longest 4 months of my life and another 6 months to shake her off with therapy.

Have courage and be honest with your self and your partner.— shango130There is something to be said for replying to the "what are we?

" question as honestly as possible, even if someone's feelings might get hurt.

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Me questioning it at all sent her into full on anxiety mode and she assumed that I was expressing disappointment with her.

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